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Who and what is Elias?

With this text I'd like to present a bit of explanation about who or what Elias is. It is my intent to provide an overview which will be meaningful while at the same time I want it to be presented with the least amount of possible distortion and with the least possible lending of energy to existing spiritual and new age belief systems.

To achieve this intent, I am avoiding new-age or religious terms here and will instead stick with Elias terms as far as possible, so please bear with me if I am using unfamiliar terms. But you will also find the meaning of many terms in the dictionary on this site and links in the text below will open the description for that word from the dictionary in a new browser window.

Elias? Who's that??

If you already know material from sources like Seth (Jane Roberts), Abraham (Esther Hicks), Bashar (Darryl Anka) and others you will probably have an idea about the phenomen termed channeling. If you've never heard of that word, it may be a good idea to detour and see to our dictionary has to say about channeling.

However, assuming that you now are familiar with that word, in Elias' own terms, he is an essence which is currently not focused in physical reality. His teaching is delivered through an energy exchange with Mary Ennis and aims at assisting people in shifting.

ELIAS: I am Elias. I am an energy personality essence. I occupy an area of consciousness which shall be known to you henceforth as Regional Area 4. In this realm, I occupy a position of teaching. I am in conjunction with many other essences which are also in the capacity of teaching. I speak to you in response to you all in your questioning of this shift in consciousness, which is occurring upon your planet within this time framework in this present now, in which you are all involved. (Session #270)

What does essence and focus mean?

Essence is energy expression in all of consciousness. Essence is basically what is at the core of human life, an inviolatile eternally valid action in consciousness. A human life as we know it, is essence focusing part of it's infinitely wide attention into pyhsical reality. So you dear reader are a focus of your essence. There's no focus without essence, but not all essence is focused in this particular pyhsical dimension.

What is the teaching about?

I a few words, it is about the relationship between every individual and themselves and the recognition of the tremendous power that lies within each of us and also the recognition and neutralization of that which hinders us to allow it to unfold.

Elias has presented the idea of the shift in consciousness. The core element of the shift is about self discovery. According to Elias, this is a world wide process which affects every individual on our planet and he describes it it as having the potential to be tremendously liberating to those who understand it, while at the same time having also great potential for conflict and trauma for those who don't. His intent is to assist those who feel attracted to the material and who are interested in shifting in an effective manner and with the least amount of conflict and trauma.

To achieve this end, Elias presents various core concepts like acceptance, attention to self, freedom of expression, noticing, etc.. These are closely tied into each other and presented in the context of a wider world view (one that goes beyond physics and religion). However, it is my understanding that this world view is mainly a frame of reference in which his ideas about the individual can unfold themselves in a meaningful context.

Eventually, what it all boils down to, is to liberate and empower the individual. It is about discovery how reality is created, what may be limiting in those creations and to help the individual to act and express more of him- or herself in a conscious manner.

ELIAS: I say to you, always rely upon self. Always look to self. Do not be allowing yourself to be told what is right or true, for you shall know within you.

I have expressed many times within this forum and these individuals, I do not present myself before you that you may “follow”. I offer helpfulness that you will recognize as ringing true.

And, if information is not ringing true within you, trust yourself; for you shall know.

If Elias is currently not focused through a pyhsical body, how does the message arrive here?

The exchange happens through an individual named Mary Ennis. Mary is a normal human like you and me, but she has the ability to go into trance and in that trace state create an exchange between herself (focus), her essence and the essence of Elias. In practical terms this means that in trance she speaks for Elias. These occurrences are called sessions. The sessions are held for individuals (via phone or in person) or groups and are recorded on videotape and eventually transcribed.

The transcripts are currently published on two internet sites (www.eliasweb.at and www.eliasforum.org, see links section of this website) and also distributed through a mailing list.

To get an idea of the phenomen, watch the video clip on this site.

Why don't I just say he's a soul, higher spirit or ascended master?

I don't do that because he is not. I understand that you may be tempted to replace the word essence by one which you are familiar with from a new age or religious context, but I advise not to do that, or at least only initially, because part of the Elias material is about understanding the connection between ideas or beliefs and specific words.

And most new age terms carry a huge bag of beliefs. Among them is the concept of reincarnation, the existence of higher and lower planes and that we're on some sort of a lowly place to teach us things.

ELIAS: What is your purpose within this dimension? Your purpose is to be manifesting for the experience of physical focus within a dimension that is focused upon the sexual and emotional aspects of physical experience. Experience is your purpose.

(Grinning) You have no mission. You have no method. You have no process. You are not in school. You are not upon a lower plane, and there are no masters that are above you that are guiding you along your path, for you have no path! You merely hold experience. (Session 284)

As you see in the above quote, many new age ideas are nothing that I want to lend energy to as they are quite far from the Elias material.

Does it work?

It sure works for me and others which I know. But I honestly don't know if it will be meaningful to you in any way shape or form, and I will be the last person on the planet to urge you to explore it, because if this material will serve you, I'm sure that you will draw yourself towards it all by yourselves.

ELIAS: This information is presented to individuals that draw themselves to it for it speaks to them. I d not express to ANY individual, […] that this is the ONLY information or that this information is absolutely unequivocally “right.” It is presented merely for your clarity, for your understanding, for it speaks to you.


However, I am working with the material since Summer 2004. I've read hundreds of transcripts and had six phone sessions so far. The effect on my life has been most profound. Although I have worked with the Seth material for many years, the Elias' material had a huge impact on my life. It is most useful and practical and for me it has changed my life beyond description.

If any of this will be true for you too, you will need to find out on your own. If it is the case, I'm sure you will notice that you feel an interest or pull towards a deeper exploration of the material. To do this, visit the link section here (check the Elias related links, especially Paul Helfrich's site) and/or log on to our forum here.

Injoy …