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Elias uses the word energy in various ways.

1) Energy as Action

Most commonly energy refers to non phyiscal action from which reality is created through perception and the meaning of the word is close to consciousness.

Session #563:

ELIAS: Energy is movement. Energy is motion. Therefore, energy is an action rather than a thing. Although within your physical dimension, as I have stated, you identify energy as a thing, in actuality it is all of movement. It is the action of movement. In relation to essence, it is the movement of essence. In relation to consciousness, it is the quality of consciousness, the state of consciousness, to be continuously moving.

2) Individual Energy (Configuring/Manipulating/Projecting)

In most cases when Elias speaks of energy, what he means is the energy of the individual. In that context it is important to understand that any interaction between individuals is considered first and foremost an interaction of nonphysical energy. Only then a physical interaction (bodies, speech, etc.) is created from that energy through perception.

Session #1422:

What you directly interact with in relation to an actual other individual is not the physical matter, is not the physical form of that individual, but the projection of their energy to you and your acceptance of that energy as a blueprint to be creating your image of the other individual.

In that form and as a starting point to understand energy, it could be loosely understood as a general stance towards something (relaxed, liking, disliking, openness, discounting, protectiveness, etc.).

Session #1422:

ELIAS: […] I may express to you that you may choose any direction and be expressing efficiently in the incorporation of energy and its manipulation that you are engaging. I may also express to you not to force energy, and to recognize that your interaction with other individuals shall be much more efficient if you are allowing yourselves to share rather than instruct. There is a difference. In the instruction, you are discounting.

Now; you are manipulating with energy; therefore, any individual that shall draw themselves to you and your movements and your manipulations of energy shall also be recognizing the expressions of energy — in a manner of speaking, shall tune in to the expressions of energy. And as you are aware, energy is communicated much more efficiently and precisely than any other type of language.

In this, if you are attempting to be instructing of other individuals, they shall know immediately and they shall recognize this expression of energy as a discounting of themselves. Therefore, my suggestion is that you be aware of that, and in your manipulation of energy be projecting an energy in relation to other individuals in sharing and exchanging of energy.

Session #1532:

ELIAS: If you are projecting energy to another individual in interaction, the other individual shall receive your energy and configure it in almost the identical manner in which you have projected it. There are time frameworks in which individuals do automatically reconfigure another individual's energy. That would be associated with an action that the individual is engaging in relation to their own beliefs and issues that may be being expressed in their reality in that time framework, which may influence them to reconfigure energy in association with what they are engaging themselves. Therefore, what is expressed may not necessarily appear the same as what is being received. I shall explain.

Another significant element to be recognized in association with projecting and receiving energy is that your natural state that you express and experience within your physical manifestation is to be open to the projections of other individuals. ALL of you are naturally open to the expressions of other individuals. This is what generates the availability for an individual to be intrusive.

Session #1349:

What is important is that you pay attention to yourself, you trust yourself, and therefore if you are drawing to yourself an energy which you dislike, so to speak, you incorporate the ability to immediately reconfigure that and respond in a manner which is more configured to your preference. Therefore if there is an energy that you have drawn to yourself that is distressing to you, you can alter that and configure it in a different manner and quite literally change it into an energy that you prefer, merely by your responsiveness to it. But the key in that is to be genuinely paying attention to yourself and to genuinely be trusting yourself.

3) Energy symbolizing outward projection or receiving

In some sessions makes a distinction between magnetic and electric energy as we know it as something that symbolizes projection or reception.

Session #1422:

ELIAS: Yes, for the electrical energy is an energy that is projected outwardly. Magnetic is an energy of receiving.

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