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According to Elias emotion is a communication between subjective and objective awareness regarding what is created in a any moment:

Session #775:

ELIAS:[…]Understand, emotion is never a reaction. It is a communication from your subjective awareness to your objective awareness, which is expressing precisely what you are creating within the moment.

This emotional communication (about what we create or choose) causes a signal:

Session #997:

ELIAS: The emotion produces a signal, which is the feeling that you experience. This signal identifies to you that you are offering yourself an emotional communication, a subjective communication to your objective awareness concerning what you are generating in that moment.

Session #1313:

ELIAS: In this, as you pay attention to what you are generating, what choices you are expressing, you also shall offer yourself communications in association with those choices. If you are generating a choice that is NOT associated with your preferences and is NOT associated with what you want, you shall generate an immediate communication in some manner to identify that to yourself. If you are generating choices that, let us say, are not necessarily associated with your preferences but are not associated with what you do not want, you may experience a neutrality and therefore shall not generate much communication in association with those choices. If you are generating choices in association with your preferences and your wants and accomplishing a free expression of that, you shall generate communications in validation of yourself.

Our thought process translates and interprets these signals (feelings). All three aspects (communication, thought process and the choosing/doing aspect) are working together simultaneously:

Session #893:

ELIAS: Now; I am expressing this identification to you in a manner which appears to be what you may term as a following process. In actuality, it is not. In actuality, the doing aspect of you, or that which chooses, creates the choice, expresses the action. The thought process simultaneously is translating and interpreting, and simultaneously also the subjective awareness is communicating. They are creating three different functions simultaneously. They are not in actuality following each other consecutively. In this, you are offering to yourself three different actions within the same moment.

Now; what you are paying attention to is the translation which is being expressed through thought, and the communication which is being expressed through emotion, but you are not entirely focusing your attention upon the actual communication of the emotion. You are paying attention to the signal, which is the feeling, and you are paying attention to the thoughts.

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Other avenues of communication:

Session #1173:

ELIAS: Listen to your communications within you your impressions, your emotions, your senses, your imagination. These are all avenues of communication, and allow yourself an openness to these communications.

Session #1468:

ELIAS: […]Emotion is not your only avenue of communication. As you have witnessed in this conversation this day, physical manifestations are also subjective communications to the objective awareness, which incorporate a message. Imagination is a subjective communication to the objective awareness in a creative and inspirational message. All of your senses are communications. Your inner senses and your outer senses are all communications. They offer you input. Your intuition, your impressions, your impulses - these are all avenues of communication that the subjective offers to the objective, that the subjective may not be hidden from you and always available to you to be understanding and to be recognizing, therefore presenting that there is no aspect of yourself that is actually hidden from you. It is merely a matter of paying attention and noticing and practicing being aware, and practicing allowing your attention a flexibility and to move, not merely to be focused upon thought.

Session #1499:

ELIAS: […]perhaps sideways into what you term to be fantasy, which is not necessarily fantasy but is listening to your communication of imagination, which steps you sideways into other areas of consciousness which you are communicating to yourself from.

In that action, it is inspiring, for that is the action of the communication of imagination, to be motivating and to be inspiring of you to be exploring more freely in other areas. If you are fantasizing, in actuality many times what you are actually doing in that communication is allowing yourself to tap into other areas of consciousness in which other manifestations are quite real, which is significant and important, for how that generates inspiration is you thusly translate into your reality in different manners and that inspires you to manifest different expressions within your reality.

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