A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Objective awareness

In Elias' terms objective awareness is mostly what we experience in waking life (although in later sessions Elias also assigns the dream state to the objective realm). Objective awareness moves in harmony with subjective awareness and is an abstract expression of that. Those terms might be loosely described as outer awareness and inner awareness.

Session #270:

ELIAS: Your objective awareness is that which occupies your attention within your waking state.

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Session #1252:

NORM: Now, I would like to have you define that, the difference between objective and subjective consciousness creating what we do.

ELIAS: There is quite little difference. As I have expressed many, many, many times, they move in harmony. Therefore, what you create in subjective awareness is what you also create in objective awareness.

The difference between subjective and objective is that the subjective is quite precise and literal, the objective is abstract. Therefore one action that you may be incorporating subjectively, one direction, one motion that you may be creating subjectively, may be incorporated in thousands of manners objectively, for the objective awareness is abstract.

It is quite the reverse of what you think. You associate your subjective awareness with dream state. Your dream state is quite objective. If you generate imagery in association with physical reality, it is objective.

ARTHUR: And abstract, in dream reality?

ELIAS: You are quite abstract in your dream reality, which is quite a mirror for your waking reality which is also quite abstract.

Your subjective awareness is quite precise and is not abstract. Your subjective awareness may be precisely identifying to you a belief that is influencing what you are creating quite precisely - one - and you may be generating hundreds of objective expressions of imagery to reflect that one belief.

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