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According to Elias emotion is a communication between our subjective and objective awareness regarding what we are creating within in any given moment.

Session #775:

ELIAS: […] Understand, emotion is never a reaction. It is a communication from your subjective awareness to your objective awareness, which is expressing precisely what you are creating within the moment.

This emotional communication (about what we create) causes a signal:

Session #997:

ELIAS: The emotion produces a signal, which is the feeling that you experience. This signal identifies to you that you are offering yourself an emotional communication, a subjective communication to your objective awareness concerning what you are generating in that moment.

Our thought process translates and interpretes these feelings (signals) in a certain manner:

Session #893:

ELIAS: Now; I am expressing this identification to you in a manner which appears to be what you may term as a following process. In actuality, it is not. In actuality, the doing aspect of you, or that which chooses, creates the choice, expresses the action. The thought process simultaneously is translating and interpreting, and simultaneously also the subjective awareness is communicating. They are creating three different functions simultaneously. They are not in actuality following each other consecutively. In this, you are offering to yourself three different actions within the same moment.

Now; what you are paying attention to is the translation which is being expressed through thought and the communication which is being expressed through emotion, but you are not entirely focusing your attention upon the actual communication of the emotion. You are paying attention to the signal, which is the feeling, and you are paying attention to the thoughts.

More Quotes:

Session #1468:

ELIAS: Emotion is a communication. It is not a reaction; it is not a projection of energy that is expressed outwardly and that is affecting of outside manifestations. The signal of emotion may be or may not be affecting of situations or of interactions with outside expressions of yourself, but that is dependent upon what you create yourself and how you are projecting energy outwardly and how you are receiving it also and configuring it.


Once identifying the signal, which generally you identify with one word which is your label of a particular emotion: sadness, anger, frustration, happiness, joyfulness … there are many, many, many different emotional signals that you generate. Each signal also incorporates a message, a communication, that it is prompting you to listen to.

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