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Ball and stick analogy

In the anlogy of the ball and stick Elias tries to describe how belief create reality through perception.

**Session #331:**

ELIAS: The stick is your belief system, and the ball is your perception.

**Session #331:**

ELIAS (Humorously): You are holding a stick. It is not a good stick; it is not a bad stick. You are not good or bad. You are merely standing, holding a stick.

Now, you move in the direction of engaging a game. You place a ball upon your ground, and you push the ball with your stick. The ball is not bad or good either, and it matters not which direction you are pushing the ball with the stick. You are merely pushing.

You are also not racing with another individual, for no other individual is playing the game with you. You are playing the game yourself. Therefore, there is no competition, there is no race, there is no winner, there is no loser, and there are no rules.

You may push the ball for as long as you desire or as short as you desire, and in whichever direction you desire. It is merely the action of pushing the ball with the stick.

You are you, the expression of a focus of essence physically manifest. The stick is your belief system, and the ball is your perception.

CATH: Can I just throw something in here? What if you get bored with the stick and you want to pick the stick up … I mean the ball up in the air, or you want to aim it toward a little hole? Or, you want to make life more interesting?

ELIAS: It matters not. You may be moving the stick and the ball in whichever direction or expression that you are so choosing.

CATH: Trying to accomplish something, you’re setting up goals for yourself? “I want to get that, and I want to hit it just right.”

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. It matters not.

The point is that the stick is neutral. It is a tool to be creating of an action. The ball is accomplishing the action. The stick is facilitating the ball. The ball is accomplishing the direction and your intent. YOU are manipulating and directing the stick to be moving the ball in the direction that you choose. The stick is not good or bad. It is a tool. The ball is not good or bad. It is an expression within a motion, to be accomplishing your direction.

Now; you may become frustrated with the ball if you are pushing the ball with the stick, and the ball is moving in a direction that is not matching your thought, and you may stomp upon the ball and you shall be creating conflict, for you shall be irritating yourself.

CATH: I see it as being competitive with yourself. I’m very competitive with myself. Not with someone else; with me.

ELIAS: Which you very successfully camouflage as motivation. In actuality, it is merely a camouflaged expression of the lack of acceptance of self, that if you are not challenging yourself, you are not creative enough to be motivating.

CATH: Hmm!

ELIAS: You are automatically motivated, for you are essence, and your natural movement and expression is to be becoming. Therefore, in becoming, you are continuously in motion and motivated. But your belief systems … even those that you consider to be good, for good is a judgment also, quite equal to bad!

Therefore, even in your expressions of GOOD aspects of belief systems, you are camouflaging the birds, and you are creating an acceptable expression of these bright birds that you may play with, and they continue to hold their power within energy, for you continue to lend energy to your belief system of duplicity. You merely do not pay as much attention to your expressions of good as you do to your expressions of bad, for bad is your dead mouse!

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**Session #9999:**

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