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Here is another big word in the Elias material. It may not be quite as prominent as acceptance or belief or truth or shift but if you follow these concepts through, they often boil down to choice or freedom (which are in fact synonymous in Elias' understanding).

Session #910:

ELIAS: And as you genuinely begin discovering this expression of attention that you create, you may move it to the actual creating element of yourself, that aspect of yourself that chooses and acts. This is significant, for this is the aspect that shall genuinely offer you an awareness of your freedom.

Session #893:

ELIAS: Your choices are what create your reality in directing the expression of your perception.

Session #917:

ELIAS: The choosing aspect of you is the doing aspect of you, which is in movement continuously. You are always choosing. You are always doing. Your very existence is a choice.

Session #901:

ELIAS: You are choosing in each moment in each day to be expressing certain creations of your reality. Therefore this be the reason that it holds significance and importance that you familiarize yourselves with yourselves, and recognize that your thoughts may express to you an identification of a want and it may not necessarily be accurate. (Very distinctly enunciating) You may THINK you want a particular manifestation, but WHAT YOU CREATE IS WHAT YOU ARE CHOOSING.

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Session #868:

ELIAS: Choice does not require thought. Choice requires attention, but attention is not entirely or always associated with thought. This is the reason that there is importance in recognizing where your attention is directed, for this shall be what directs your choice, not necessarily thought.

Session #908:

FRANK: When you say by noticing and recognizing what Iím choosing, would that be another way of saying recognizing and noticing whatís actually happening?

ELIAS: Yes! What you are actually DOING.

FRANK: What Iím experiencing.

ELIAS: Correct, rather than what you THINK you are experiencing. For there is a difference, my friend. Many times you are doing and choosing, and your thoughts shall be in alignment and translating accurately. But many times you think you are doing or choosing a particular action and in actuality what you are doing and choosing may be different.

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