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Attention to self

One of the advices which Elias gives most often, is to keep attention to self. This means to to not concern oneself with other individuals' perceptions, reactions or choices.

Session #1243:

ELIAS: Many, many, many individuals incorporate a very similar expression concerning themselves with the perceptions of other individuals. This is an outward projection of attention. Now; let me also express that this is reinforced by mass beliefs which express that it is better to be concerning yourself with other individuals than to be with yourself for if you are paying attention to yourself, you are expressing selfishness, and if you are a good individual you shall place others first, which is quite incorrect.

But these are mass beliefs and these mass beliefs discount the individual. Now; these mass beliefs are also very familiar, and therefore you generate automatic responses in association with them. The action of projecting outwardly is a natural movement for most individuals, for most individuals incorporate the orientation of common and this is a natural expression for this orientation.

But you may be paying attention to outside expressions and also simultaneously continue to be paying attention to yourself and what is influencing what you are doing, and catch yourself, so to speak, in these actions of concerning yourself with the perceptions of other individuals, how they view you.

Are they viewing you in the manner that you wish them to be viewing you? Are they understanding you in the manner that you wish them to be understanding you? What evaluations are they creating in association with you? Are they in approval of you? And you are evaluating them also, and at times generate comparisons of yourself with other individuals.

Many of these actions are influenced in a lack of trust of self and not valuing yourself. Now; generally speaking, you individually do express a considerable value of yourself, and in many directions you also express a trust of yourself. In some directions, you express less trust of yourself, which is not unusual. But you are choosing to be examining those areas in which you are not trusting yourself as much, so to speak, and allowing yourself more of an expression of trust and acceptance, and therefore also allowing yourself to realize more of your individual freedom.

Session #809:

ELIAS: I have expressed many, many, many times to you all the tremendous significance of holding your attention upon self, and how this genuinely does alter your reality. It does not merely alter your individual reality.

Let me express to you, my friend, you yourself and every other individual that has engaged conversation with myself has at times created thought processes that incorporate questioning and wondering as to how you shall in actuality create the expression objectively of altering all of your reality and creating the genuine expression of this shift in consciousness. This, in its simplicity, is the movement of it, and the manner in which it shall be accomplished is in the recognition of the significance and the POWER of holding your attention upon self.

Session #519:

ELIAS: Now; the reason, as you are aware, that I express so very often and so repeatedly to individuals to be turning their attention to self first is that ALL of your creations all of your reality, all of your behaviors, all of your interactions, all of your projections ALL of what you create is a direct expression of self through your perception, and as you are projecting an acceptance of self, this shall automatically be affecting of all that you create and draw yourself to or draw to yourself within your reality.

Session #1105:

And what shall be your definition of paying attention to yourself? Noticing what you are doing? Noticing how you are reacting? Noticing how you are responding? This is an accurate assessment of how you define paying attention to yourselves.

Now; in actuality, paying attention to yourselves is LISTENING to yourself and paying attention to what you want in every moment, turning your attention to your responsibility to yourself, not incorporating personal responsibility for other individuals, not concerning yourself with the expressions, behaviors or choices of other individuals; and I may say to you there is a tremendous difference in the expression of "caring" and "concerning."

Although on the first sight this sounds selfish and uncaring, in the light of YCYOR the statement appears in a bit different because everything is always in response to our own energy/vibration.

Session #1243:

ELIAS: Now; be remembering, what you generate outwardly is a reflection of what you are generating inwardly. Therefore, you are trusting your communications to yourself more than you have previously, but you continue to express doubt of yourself inwardly, whether you are accurately interpreting or translating your own communications to yourself. Therefore, you also generate this outwardly and you reflect this through other individuals to yourself.

Session #1132:

ELIAS: And this is what you continue to create, for this is what you believe. In this, you are concerning yourself with the other individual, NOT paying attention to you and not paying attention to your natural flow of energy, and doubting yourself, concerning yourself with how you shall be perceived by other individuals. You shall be perceived by other individuals in the manner in which you project, and if you are trusting of yourself, you shall be received in this manner. If you are doubting of yourself, you shall also create the perception of other individuals precisely as you have, in impatience or annoyance.

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