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Elias typical answer in regard to reincarnation is that there is no such thing. However, there are multiple focuses of essence in different times and situations.

The point seems to be that essence does indeed create focuses in different times, but each focus is a new creation, a new attention of essence. And while each focus has access to all of essence and therefore to all other focuses, a focus does not return.

Session #284:

ELIAS: ELIAS: Ah! We move into the belief system of reincarnation! (Grinning, and laughter) There is no reincarnation, for there is no "thing" to be reincarnated! Each focus is a new, unique expression. It is not a used part! (More laughter)

Therefore, I express to you also, all of your focuses occur simultaneously. You merely hold the perception within this dimension that you move in the direction of linear time in sequence. You are born, you live, you die, you move into non-physical focus, you are born, you live, you die, you move into intermission, you are born, you live, you die. Very incorrect!

ALL of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. This be the reason that you may access all of them, for all time is simultaneous. It is not linear; it is sideways. You may step sideways – not forward, not backward, but sideways – and you may view the other you's, which are not you, for they are also uniquely individual focuses of essence, but you are also, and each focus contains all of essence. Therefore, you ARE the other focus … but you are not! (Laughter)

In this, as the individual focus chooses to be disengaging, you do not "return," so to speak. But I shall express to you that the reason that you have developed this belief system of reincarnation is that as – within linear time – you as you choose to be disengaging from this physical manifestation, you move into a non-physical area of consciousness, and you may project an aspect of you which shall be manifest physically. This is a new creation. It is not you. It is its own new creation, and although within this physical dimension it appears to be appearing within linear time, it is not. All of this action is occurring presently.

Session #1461:

ELIAS: But more specifically, let me explain to you that the individual focus of attention of that individual shall not be reincorporated in manifestation within your physical reality, for reincarnation is a belief. In actuality, this does not occur, per se. It does not occur in the manner in which an individual disengages and subsequently returns or repeats or remanifests within your physical reality. The individual continues in its choice and may be choosing to manifest within a different physical reality or it may choose to be moving into other areas of consciousness and generating different types of exploration.

Each individual is a unique attention of essence and chooses what direction it shall engage, but each attention does not repeat or remanifest within any particular physical dimension or area of consciousness, for it is unnecessary.

COEN: I understand. So the question should be that Esmeralda has strong probabilities that she will make or send a new focus to my brother.

ELIAS: Yes, but it shall not be that focus that you identify as your father.

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Session #470:

ELIAS: Yes, but in a slightly different manner than you hold an awareness of objectively. As to the identification of the focus, you hold your own unique, individual personality quality. This is a specific vibrational quality and a specific tone quality.

Now; as I have expressed previously within this forum, as a focus disengages, it is not absorbed into some larger entity which is essence. You already ARE all of essence, regardless that you are one focus of essence.

These are concepts that do not translate well into your physical language and understanding in thought processes, but there is no loss of energy signature or integrity, in your terms, of the individuality of yourself as you choose to be disengaging.

In this, I have expressed also previously, there is no reincarnation or remanifestation, for you each, as a focus of essence, are not produced, so to speak, from used parts. Each of you is unique and an expression of self and may not be, in physical terms, compromised.

Therefore, as each focus chooses disengagement, that focus — that personality and uniqueness of vibrational quality of consciousness and tone — continues in its creations nonphysically, and it continues to hold its uniqueness in quality and its element of free will and choice. Therefore, it continues to create its reality in the manner that it chooses, in whichever direction it chooses to move into.

This is a difficult concept, for you think in terms of “entities.” You think in terms of corporeal expressions, which limits your understanding of how you may be an individual focus of essence, and also simultaneously, you are all of essence. There is no separation. But as to your question of retaining your individuality and your integrity, yes, you do.

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