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Physical focus

The terms physical focus or focus are used as synonyms for a single phsical human life. In Elias terms physical human life is a focus of essence.

Session #270:

ELIAS: Within physical focus, your attention is directed very precisely. You are a lens. Visualize a camera with hundreds of lenses. This camera shall be essence. You are a lens of this camera.

Session #1120:

ELIAS: I incorporate the term ‘focus’ rather than your term of ‘lifetime.’ For what you are is a focus of attention of essence.

You are actually much greater than you appear to be within this physical dimension, and you are unfamiliar, for you have forgotten what you are. You are consciousness. You are an essence of consciousness, which incorporates a personality energy, which is not separated from all of consciousness but generates a unique distinction of personality energy.

Now; as essence, you are tremendously vast, and in similar manner to what you recognize as yourself in this physical manifestation, you incorporate many attentions. You move your attention in many, many directions. As essence, you also move your attention in many directions, but you move it all simultaneously.

Therefore, what you term to be ‘past lives’ is in actuality other focuses of attention of you, and they are all occurring now. It is merely an illusion that you perceive time in a linear fashion, for this is an aspect of the design of this particular physical dimension. There are many physical dimensions, but in this particular physical dimension you have created a design of time that moves in a linear fashion; therefore, this is the manner in which you perceive your reality. In this, you view past, present and future. In actuality, all of the attentions are present; they merely appear to be past or future in association with this particular dimension.

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Session #704:

ELIAS: You become confused in this physical reality, for you have created expressions of separation. You are an identification of consciousness. You are all of consciousness. You are identifiable, as consciousness individually, as an essence. That essence is the identification of personality, a quality which defines you uniquely as an expression of consciousness, but simultaneously, you are all of consciousness. In this, you occupy every aspect of consciousness. Whether you identify a particular area of consciousness as physical or nonphysical, you are it. You are not here IN a place. You are here AS the place. All that you view around you, all that exists within what you know objectively as your universe, IS YOU. It is not outside of you. It is not that you are placed within it as a small entity occupying this space, but that you ARE that space, and more. What you identify presently as you, in this moment, in this physical manifestation, is a focus of attention. That focus of attention creates a singularity in its concentration, and therefore appears to be separated from all else, within what you know. But in actuality, it is merely the designation of that focus of attention that creates that illusion of separateness.

Session #302:

ELIAS: You do not occupy a planet of lowly accord. You are not within this physical focus as a learning dimension, so to speak, on your way to higher ground. There is no higher ground! You ARE your highest expression! Even within all of your belief systems and within your physical expressions, you ARE your highest expression. You are one focus of an endless essence, and this one focus holds all of the information of consciousness, of essence, of you, and of all other essences. For although you camouflage within physical focus, and you within your thought processes hold to the belief that you may move in the direction of being secretive, for you are so very separate within physical focus, you are not separate at all. You are all intertwined. Your consciousness is all intermingled, and within essence there are no secrets, for all is known to all others.

Session #1113:

ELIAS: In similar manner, an essence chooses many focuses of attention to be moved to a particular physical dimension. It designates a certain number of attentions that shall be incorporated within a particular physical dimension, dependent upon the blueprint and the type of physical dimension - for precise numbering of focuses in some dimensions is not necessarily expressed, in association with the type of manifestations or attentions that may be expressed in certain physical dimensions. Even within your physical dimension there is allowance for variance of total numbering of focuses of attention. (Abruptly, very loud static begins)

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