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Noticing is mostly used in conjunction or as a synonym for paying attention, both often in relation to automatic responses, signals or communication..

The key point in that is, that we are most of the time not aware what we are doing and that we are living mostly on auto-pilot. According to Elias it is not that our reactions (or anything for that matter) are unconscious, but that we are merely not paying attention what we are communicating to ourselves and what we are doing and why.

Session #1184:

ELIAS: Be paying attention, my friend. Your greatest tool is noticing. I have been expressing this from the onset of this forum and shall continue to do so, for this is the most significant action that you may be incorporating in helpfulness to yourself and allowance of yourself to be moving in the direction that you want. For if you are not aware of what you are doing, you also shall not offer yourself an awareness of choices in how to move your attention and generate different choices to accomplish what you want.

Therefore, I express to you to be aware objectively and notice. Notice your communications; pay attention to what you are actually DOING. This is significant. It offers you a tremendous volume of information and may clarify the difference between what you are doing and what you are thinking. And remember that thought translates merely what you allow it to translate in association with your communications, and it translates merely what you pay attention to. In this, if your attention is not focused upon your communications, thought shall translate those communications in generalities and not specifics.

Session #1205:

ELIAS: Allow yourself to relax and allow yourself to begin acknowledging yourself individually and moving into expressions of acceptance of yourself. Now; the manner in which you may begin this type of action is to be, within your day, paying attention to what you are actually doing, paying attention to what you are expressing to yourself in emotional communications. Even if you are not quite interpreting what the communication IS, merely the noticing of the signal initially is adequate.

For there are many expressions within yourself that you are unfamiliar with paying attention to, and this is the reason that you continue to reinforce this familiar behavior in camouflaging yourself. But you are not merely camouflaging yourself to other individuals; you are quite effectively camouflaging yourself to yourself. In this, as you allow yourself to pay attention within your day to what you are DOING and what you are feeling regardless of how unimportant it appears in the moment as you engage that action, intentionally express to yourself not to judge what you are doing.

If you are experiencing a depression within a moment, merely notice what you are feeling. Do not attempt to force energy to change that feeling but rather merely notice, acknowledge that this is what you are generating in this moment and not judge it. Whatever you are actually doing in action, notice and relax, and do not judge and do not compare.

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Session #1228:

BONNIE: Do you have any suggestions or advice or comments for me as I work on expanding my consciousness?

ELIAS: Be noticing.

BONNIE: Be noticing?

ELIAS: Hold your attention to yourself and hold your attention in the now, and be noticing the moments that you are NOT generating that action.

Session #1167:

ELIAS: The next step in this exercise is to identify what motivates those automatic responses, which allows you the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself and to identify the process in how you become familiar with yourselves. This requires specifics, not generalities. Your most significant question that you ask yourselves is "why," and your least answered question is "why." For you are not specific with yourselves, you do not allow yourselves the opportunity to pay attention to what you are actually doing, what motivates what you are doing, and what is influencing what you are doing.

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