A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Source event

Session #85:

ELIAS: Now; a Source Event is a movement that is chosen collectively by all of the essences participating in the reality. Source Events are of such a magnitude that none of them are entirely fully inserted into your physical reality, for your physical reality is not expansive enough to accommodate an entirety of a Source Event, as is the situation with this Source Event also. But this particular Source Event is what you would term to be your largest Source Event to this time framework throughout your history, for it is altering many expressions of your reality and it is affecting of the entirety of your planet, your world.

You have incorporated other Source Events religion, scientific but this is incorporated globally. There is no small tribe in any corner of your world that is not affected. There is not one individual throughout your world in its entirety that is not affected by this particular Source Event.


All mass events are manifest expressions, within physical focus, of an interpretation of a Source Event. These Source Events are what you may term to be myths. It is the original, so to speak, event within consciousness that creates an interpretation within physical focus. You may create, within Regional [Area] 2, a myth of a great and powerful civilization. Within Regional [Area] 1, your Greek society springs. Within Regional Area 1, these individuals create their own interpretations of the original Source Event, according to their understanding within consciousness. They create physical myths that mirror back to the original myth.

Session #992:

ELIAS: […] This [shift in consciousness] is not the first Source Event that you have inserted into this physical dimension and reality.

PAMELA: Can you give me an example of a Source Event?

ELIAS: You have generated a Source Event within what you term to be an ancient history, of which was the incorporation of movement into a religious era in which you have focused your attentions and your movements and your creations and your directions, individually and collectively, in association with the focusing upon religious belief system.

PAMELA: So now we're developing another Source Event?

ELIAS: Correct. You have generated a scientific Source Event, that which you view to be your Industrial Age, which allowed you tremendous movement in objective expression to be outwardly creating and expressing mirror images of movement of consciousness into physical manifestations, physical inventions of natural movements of consciousness: communications, movement through your elements - your water and your air - many, many, many explorations in what you may generate physically outwardly.

You have generated many Source Events throughout your history. They are recognized as immense alterations of movement within your physical dimension. This is the first Source Event to generate an inward movement.

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