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Focus type

Many people ask about their focus type, together with essence name, belonging, alignment and orientation.

It is an attribute of focus and describes how an individual is processing information. Focus types are emotional, political, religious or thought.

Session #1457:

ELIAS: These focus types are identified in association with the manner in which you process information. A political-focused individual processes information more similarly to a thought-focused individual, but not entirely, for political-focused individuals also incorporate a significant awareness of intuition and may process information at times in somewhat of a similarity to emotionally focused individuals, in which you generate a combination of intellect and feeling. There is an awareness of energy in which you process information in a feeling manner this is not emotions, for that is a communication in which you sense and feel information, but you also process information in similarity to a thought-focused individual, which incorporates intellect. I may express that some of the similarities to the thought-focused individuals is that a thought-focused individual processes information in a literal manner.

Now; a political-focused individual incorporates somewhat of that action, but also incorporates the feeling of energy and the sensing of situations and interactions. Therefore, it is slightly different from a thought-focused individual.

Session #1401:

ELIAS: This [religious focus type] is more associated with emotional-focused individuals. You process information more through feeling and intuition rather than impression. Therefore, your thought process translates somewhat more retarded or more slowly than a political focus or a thought-focused individual.

With a thought-focused individual or a political-focused individual, they are unaware objectively of how they are receiving the information, for the thought process is immediately interpreting and translating the impression. Therefore, it appears to them that there is no other element in play other than thought. Whereas, a religiously focused individual or an emotionally focused individual is aware that there are feelings and sensings that are occurring and that they are processing that into thought.

Now; a religiously focused individual, although much more closely associated with the emotionally focused rather than the thought focus, also incorporates more symbolization. This is the reason that I have incorporated these terms. They are not in actuality associated with what you term to be politics or religion, but there are certain expressions or qualities that are associated with those identifications which may be more understandable to all of you objectively.

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Session #10:

ELIAS: You contain four basic elements of your essence. We have spoken of two; intellect and emotion. We will assign these to the terms of philosophy and art. You also possess a political framework and a religious framework. All of these of course are words, in your terms. They cover a very vast spectrum. In the vein of art, this is the expression of your essence through emotion. You may not always identify with this, but art is the emotional expression. Thought or intellect is your philosophical expression of your essence.

Your political part is that which expresses itself through your interaction with other essences. This covers a tremendous scope. It is not in your definition of politics. It is the expression of interaction between yourselves and all other essences in every manner; from your children to your families, your communities, your countries, your world, and other worlds. You do interact with them, only not in this physical focus.

Your religious aspect of your essence is that which you apply to yourselves, that which involves all parts of your essence and its relation to The Creating Universal One And Whole. Involved in the religious expression of your essence is all of your focus of your entire essence.

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