A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Intermediate is one of the three options which Elias designates as orientation.

Session #406:

ELIAS: I have expressed that individuals holding the orientation of intermediate are creating inwardly much more than those individuals of soft and common. What is meant by this explanation is that you view your world and all of your reality through yourself first. Your processing of information and your creation of your perception moves through your identification and your perception of self first.


In this, you may view that all of your expressions, all of your thought processes, all of your emotions are filtered through your initial perception of self, and how all of your reality is affecting of you and your individual involvement with it. In this, it is quite accurate to be expressing that this particular orientation moves in the direction of directly personalizing individually all of your reality.


In the orientation of intermediate, you hold as I have stated quite different types of challenges, for in similar manner to the orientation of soft, your challenges lie in the area of attempting to fit your reality into expressions in which they do not fit. Once again, it is the situation of attempting to place the peg into the hole in which it does not fit the shape.

Therefore, as you widen your awareness and offer yourself more information as to who and what you are and what you have chosen within this focus as your manifestation you shall also begin to be offering yourself more of an understanding of how you are creating your reality, and in this understanding, you shall offer yourself permission to be moving naturally into your individual expressions without the comparison of all that is created outside of you, for this is quite influencing of your own duplicity and your own judgments upon self. You may look to your focus and you may be realizing and noticing the many, many times within your individual focus that you have encountered these types of expressions.


You may view many different expressions which are occurring within your world and not necessarily feel a personal affectingness of these situations, and within you, it does not concern you and it matters not. This you may move into without much conflict.

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