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Final focus

In many sessions Elias explains the particular feeling tone that is associated with being a final focus.

Session #293:

ELIAS: The reason individuals hold the knowing that they are the final focus is that they hold a knowing within them that they are finished, and in some situations they may experience within the final focus a tiredness or an element of boredom. These are all translations of the knowing that they are the designated final focus. An impatience is experienced within that focus, a feeling at times of hurriedness, of wanting to be disengaging and moving on. These are all different aspects of feelings that may be experienced within a final focus.

Session #1107:

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing. There is no rule. There is no blueprint, so to speak, for the expressions or exhibitions of a final focus. It is merely a function. It is merely a designated function, so to speak, of one attention as designated as the signal, in a manner of speaking.

Now; I may express to you, it is quite commonly expressed within individuals that are the designated final focus that they generate or exhibit expressions such as fatigue or boredom or a desire to be moving into another expression of consciousness, but these are all quite strongly associated with the individuals' beliefs.

LUANNE: I don't feel that way, personally.

ELIAS: They are not intrinsic to the expression of a final focus. There are other individuals such as yourself that are designated final focuses and do not generate that expression.

Session #1209:

ELIAS: Ah, but this is not necessarily an expression that is absolutely associated with a final focus. Many individuals that are a designated final focus express a tremendous zeal in their life.

Session #2943:

ELIAS: There are many elements involved in the manifestation of the final focus, for there are actions that you are choosing to incorporate, there are directions that you move into, and there are also quite natural feelings attached.

I shall express to you that it is quite common for individuals within a final focus to become discontented with this physical manifestation – tired of, anxious, impatient, a longing for a moving into non-physical areas, but also an insatiable thirst for information concerning physical focus and non-physical elements of consciousness.

Many individuals within this present time period, as designated as the final focus of essence, move in the direction of creating the action of transition while they are continuing within physical focus.

Now; let me express to you that it is not necessary to be a final focus to be choosing to be experiencing transition within physical focus, but within this time period and within the action of this shift, many final focuses are choosing to be entering the action of transition objectively and NOT creating of senility.

Session #296:

ELIAS: Now; within a final focus, if issues are held tightly and not chosen to be addressed to or moved through within physical focus, many times the individual focus shall choose to create this in-between state temporarily, for the action of transition is slightly different in the engagement of a final focus than would it be in the engagement of not a final focus.

This particular individual was/is a final focus. Therefore, the action of transition shall be different from an individual focus that is not a final focus. The intensity is slightly greater and the action in your physical terms may be termed to be slightly longer, for there is no choice for a remanifestation.

Session #376:

ELIAS: In this, subjectively you recognize that you are designated as the final focus, and you hold an anticipation of moving into areas of non-physical consciousness and disengaging from areas of physical focusing. This is translated objectively as influenced through belief systems in the manner that suggests that there may be a more exciting adventure to be encountering once you are disengaging and that you hold an element of boredom within this particular dimension, for it has been engaged previously and is being engaged, as all of the focuses are simultaneous.

But coupling with the belief systems that are associated with this particular dimension … it being the universe and the planet for learning and aspiring, and that if you are focusing within this particular dimension, you are occupying a lower plane, so to speak … this is all incorrect and is all stemming from aspects of belief systems, but these beliefs are very real and they are mass belief systems and therefore are very influencing. Regardless if you are holding these belief systems individually or not, they may be affecting.

In this, individuals also hold underlying beliefs, as with yourself, that as you move through this focus and you disengage or you choose death, you shall emerge into a more perfect state. This is also incorrect, for you already occupy a perfect state! You merely move from one area to another area in disengaging physical focus.

Session #376:

ELIAS: There is another aspect that is experienced by individuals within a final focus, in that they are quite receptive and partially objectively receptive to the energy lent by other focuses. Therefore, it is seeming to these final focuses that they are encountering a surge of energy, which may be overwhelming at times, and is then translated into the feeling of fatigue.

Elias' comment on the function of a final focus.

Session #293:

ELIAS: But you are designated as the final focus. In this, the action that is designated to you as the final focus is that at the point or moment that you choose to be disengaging of this particular focus at your moment of what you term to be death, your disengagement all other focuses within this dimension that are belonging to your essence shall also disengage, or they shall be creating of the opportunity to be fragmenting and continuing as their own essence. But all focuses that are connected to your essence and choose to be remaining as focuses of your essence shall all disengage also at the time period that you choose to be disengaging. This is the designation of the final focus.

Session #816:

ELIAS: What I am expressing to you is, you may be the designated final focus and this is merely an identification of an action that your focus shall initiate; that in the time framework in which you choose to be disengaging of this physical dimension, all other focuses of your essence shall also disengage or choose to be fragmenting and creating a new essence and continuing within this physical dimension. But this is not defined by time. You may incorporate future focuses which shall also disengage in the time framework which you choose to be disengaging.

In the moment that you choose disengagement as the final focus, figuratively speaking, you create a signal to all other focuses of your essence that the essence is removing attention from this physical dimension.

Session #1110:

ELIAS: […]You are essence. Every essence incorporates countless attentions, and in this physical dimension each attention manifests in a physical expression. All of the focuses are simultaneous. In this, one is designated in the action of initiating all of the focuses to be manifest in that simultaneousness, and one is designated as the final focus, in which, as that final focus disengages from this physical dimension, all of the other attentions also disengage from the physical dimension. Therefore, you are the attention that is the spark of the sparkler.

Some "statistics" …

Session #1123:

ELIAS: Now; many essences have chosen to be designating many final focuses within this time framework of what you view to be your present century and your previous century, for this is a movement in association with this shift in consciousness. This also generates an ease, which is a preference of all essences, to be generating ease in movement.

Session #330:

ELIAS: Yes. Many individuals, to this present now and previously, have drawn themselves to this forum as being designated the final focus within this particular dimension. Let me address to this particular situation quite briefly in explanation, for other individuals shall be futurely drawing themselves to this information also.

Initially, within the beginning throes of this forum, so to speak, those that draw themselves initially are those individuals that are designated final focuses, for within this action of this shift and this particular time framework within this present now, many final focus designated manifestations hold an inner knowing of certain elements of consciousness, as they are allowing elements to bleed through into their objective awareness more than they may have allowed within previous time frameworks within this dimension.

As I have expressed, futurely, other focuses shall be drawing themselves to this information also, but there is an automatic magnating of many final focus Sumafi that hold a recognition of this information and are drawing themselves to this information, for this sparks a remembrance within them, and this be the reason that you also draw yourself to this information, to spark your own remembrance within this final focus.

Session #293:

ELIAS: Many, many individuals that shall draw themselves to this particular information and to myself are final focuses, for they are moving into the action of this shift in its final throes and they are exploring widening of awareness and they are exploring the action of transition within physical focus and preparing themselves for moving more quickly through the action of transition, shedding these belief systems and moving into other areas of consciousness for new exploration. Not all individuals that draw themselves to myself or this information are designated final focuses, but very many of them are, yourself included.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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