A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Physical dimensions

According to Elias there are many physical and nonphysical dimensions, so our physical dimension is merely one of many.

Session #989:

ELIAS: I may express to you that this particular dimension incorporates tremendous diversity. You allow yourselves within this dimension to explore consciousness in similar manner to the natural exploration of consciousness…

NORM: By essence?

ELIAS: Yes, but within a physical expression, incorporating an objective awareness. Although there are some physical dimensions that do also incorporate an objective awareness, this particular dimension in its design expresses more of an attention upon the objective expressions and the exploration of what you may create through your abilities in an objective manner.

Consciousness is not a thing. Therefore the expression of generating things is a tremendous exploration. For as essence [and] being not a thing, to generate things from no thing is a challenge, and within this physical dimension the expression of generating physical matter, physical expressions, physical things, is immensely diverse - therefore the tremendous intricacy of this particular dimension.

As I have stated, there are other physical dimensions, and there are other physical dimensions that incorporate objective expressions and awareness.

One thing which physical dimensions seem to have in common is an element of time.

Session #1246:

ELIAS: Correct. Do not discount the element of time within your physical dimension. For let me express to you, without the interplay of time, there is no physical matter. Therefore, to generate a physical reality, a physical dimension, you must be incorporating some type of configuration of time, not necessarily linear and not necessarily in the manner in that you configure time in this physical dimension.

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