A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias


Essence name

Session #3:

VICKI: Who is Elias?

ELIAS: Elias is a name. You each have a name. I had a name of Elias in a physical experience.

VICKI: Do we all have names of who we are?

ELIAS: Give us a moment. (Long pause, and then to Christie) Oliver. (To Laszlo) John. (To Debbie) Catherine. (To Vicki) Lawrence. They are not important. You will be known by many names. Elias is one. If it is comfortable, then this is acceptable.

Session #211:

ELIAS: Your name is a translation into language. It is the representation of a vibrational tone which is held within essence identity. Therefore, the essence name is the same for all of your focuses within all dimensions, for it is the designation of the tone; which this is the identification of you as essence. The physical naming within any physical focus is a chosen tone of identity of the individual focus of essence.

Therefore, each focus of your essence holds a different name, knowing that each focus has the ability and potential to be fragmented into its own new essence. Therefore, each element, each aspect, each focus holds its own individuality, but also holds all of essence simultaneously.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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