A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



Elias emphasizes the significance of the process in relation to the outcome of the process:

Session #1474:

ELIAS: Which is significant, for this is an analogy for all of exploration within your focus, or in your terms, your very existence.

It is the process that is the subject, not the outcome. You have moved yourself into a position of concentration in anticipation of outcomes rather than allowing yourself to participate and appreciate the process, and the process is the point, for that is what you are doing throughout the entirety of your focus. It all concerns the process, the process of exploration. The outcome is not the point. For in actuality, there is never an actual outcome, for it is continuously changing as you continuously engage more of the process.

In this, what you are generating is a concentration upon what you assess to be unattainable, and in this, somewhat you are correct, for you are generating a perception concerning end points in many different directions, generating a definition of success as being the end points - but there are no end points.

In this, you are generating this perception in relation to every direction within your focus in this time framework, whether it be continuation in this focus or whether it be to not continue in this focus. In either direction your concentration continues to be directed to the end points.


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