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Elias defines duality as pairs (of two) which compelement and are in harmony with each other. Duality is different from duplicity. It is an element of the blueprint of this physical dimension.

Session #1455:

ELIAS Now; duality is significant, for it is an element of the blueprint of your reality, and in that, what is the direction of duality? Harmony.


ELIAS: The reason that this is an element of the blueprint of your reality is that it sets into motion a natural complement in every expression, in every direction, in all of your manifestations — a natural complement, which is the harmony.


ELIAS: You are presenting yourself with imagery concerning duality, and in that presentment you create doubles to emphasize the complement of duality and to emphasize the harmony of it, and in this, to redefine your understanding of duality. For generally speaking, you and many other individuals generate an automatic association to the term “duality” in a negative manner. In actuality, if you are associating in relation to negative and positive, it would be more associated with a positive, for it is a complement and what generates a natural harmony. It permeates every aspect of your reality and of yourself.

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Session #328:

RODNEY: I have one more. Would you distinguish again the distinction between duality and duplicity? (Good question, Rodney!)

ELIAS: […] Duality is suggestive of two, or a double of elements. Duplicity, although it incorporates what you term to be opposites, it is not necessarily merely two. It is an incorporation of very different conflicting elements within you simultaneously, in opposition to each other. Duality does not always suggest conflict or opposing elements. You may hold duality in certain areas that may complement each other. Within duplicity, these elements of the belief system that you hold do not complement each other. They are opposing of each other and creating of conflict.

RODNEY: In other words, the north pole and the south pole are complementary …

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: … dualities.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: They are not in conflict.

ELIAS: They are not within conflict. Duplicity IS within conflict. It is a creation of conflict.

RODNEY: What was that? I didn’t hear.

ELIAS: Duplicity is a creation of conflict.


ELIAS: And where you hold duplicity, you also hold conflict.

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