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Cause and Effect

According to Elias cause and effect is a belief or belief system which refers to the idea that a certain action always causes in the same result.

Session #421:

ELIAS: You express the belief systems of cause and effect: if you are creating one action, you shall absolutely experience another action. This is not necessarily the situation, for I express to you, there are no absolutes!

A belief of cause and effect can be severly limiting of freedom and choice because with a specific action a specific outcome is generated automatically.

Session #566:

ELIAS: Cause and effect are in actuality a belief that is influencing of your perception, which also limits your choices, for you create a perception of absolutes — if this, then that — and therefore, you eliminate a tremendous spectrum of choices that you naturally hold, for you narrow your view and you allow the strength of the influence of this belief system to be creating a perception of absolutes.

Session #496:

ELIAS: Your belief in cause and effect stems from your action of placing yourselves in automatic action. Therefore, as you disengage your automatic responses and you allow yourselves to begin noticing how you create this automatic response or reaction, you also open the window within your awareness to be allowing yourselves a myriad of different choices that you do not necessarily offer yourself as you create these automatic responses.

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Session #303:

ELIAS: What you are referring to is in the mass belief system of cause and effect.

Now; let me express to you that in actuality there is no cause and effect. This is a belief system that you have created en masse upon your planet and you hold to very tightly. Therefore, you also create this in your reality. In actuality there is no cause and effect, and it is unnecessary to be creating of one action to be accomplishing another action.

Example: You may step into your road — I have offered this example previously, but it serves its purpose well — and in stepping into your road, you may be engaged in an action with a carriage and it may strike you.

In this, your belief system is that if you are struck by the carriage, you shall be injured and you shall create physical displays of these injuries. You may be creating of breakage of bones, bruises upon your skin. You may even create more serious injuries within your physical form. This is cause and effect. But what I express to you [is], in actuality it is also quite possible to be standing within your road and to be struck by a carriage and sustain no physical injuries, for it is your choice in your alignment with the mass belief systems to be creating this or to not be creating this, and there are physical examples throughout your planet of this type of action occurring, where an individual may be struck in what you term to be an accident — which there are no accidents — and sustain no physical injury.

Now; onlookers shall express, “Oh! This is a miracle!” For within your belief systems, a miracle is an action which you perceive to be impossible, but it is obviously possible or there would be no creation of the action. If it were not possible within your reality to be creating of this type of situation and not sustain physical injuries, it would not occur … but it does occur! Individuals holding what you think of as terminal illnesses instantaneously cure themselves, or are healed in the view of other individuals by some “special power.” In reality, they have healed themselves. They have returned their form to its natural state within this physical manifestation, and they have NOT created what you term to be a miracle. They have merely uncreated a situation that they have chosen to be creating initially.

You hold the ability within physical focus to accomplish much more than you believe you may accomplish. This be the reason that I express much attention to belief systems and am directing of individuals to be noticing and attending to these belief systems, for you hold belief systems in every area of your physical focus, and some … MANY of these belief systems are very limiting. Within consciousness collectively within this dimension, there is a recognition that these belief systems ARE very limiting and that it is unnecessary to be continuing in the participation of many of these belief systems.

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