A dictionary of terms as they are used and redefined by Elias



According to Elias relationship is a belief system and one which is very prone to be turned into truth.

Session #1398:

ELIAS: Relationships – another ‘truth’ – and each of you incorporates your own variation of this ‘truth,’ of its standards, of its qualifications, how it shall be expressed, of its categories. For you all incorporate categories of relationships. Romantic relationships are different from family relationships. Parent and child relationships are different from co-workers. All of your relationships are categorized in different avenues, but each incorporates its own checklist, all of the criteria that are expected to be qualifying as a particular type of relationship. And if the relationship does not fit those qualifications, there is conflict and it is wrong, and there is a better method to be accomplishing the relationship. These are merely a few of your ‘truths’.

Session #1998:

ELIAS: Relationships are not limited to male/female or intimate relationships in romantic areas, but the belief system of relationships is much broader and much more affecting than individuals allow themselves to view and to notice. In this, all of the different aspects of any type of relationship cross over each other into all other types of relationships. Individuals lean in the direction of separating and boxing different types of relationships into certain categories, and in this action they do not allow themselves to view all of the other affecting elements that are attached to the belief system of relationships.

As you move into the area of examining these belief systems and this particular belief system of relationships between individuals within physical focus, there is also an opportunity provided to each individual to be moving more into the areas of acceptance of self and acceptance of other individuals, for you offer yourselves more information, and in this offering to yourselves you also move in the direction of understanding the information that you are offering to yourself. In understanding, you lend an ease to the action of acceptance, within self and within other individuals.

Now; let me express to you that it is unnecessary for you to hold objective understanding of given situations to be accepting of them, but within physical focus you do move in the direction of leaning into more of an easement if you are offering yourself information, that you may understand situations and belief systems. Offering yourselves understanding through accessing information lends itself to your own belief systems, that you may not be accepting of that which you do not understand.

Now; let me also express to you that this may seem inconsistent in that I am expressing that it is important for you all to be moving into the area of accepting belief systems and not necessarily to be perpetuating belief systems, and in what I have just expressed, I am expressing to you that in moving into an offering of understanding, you are perpetuating another belief system. But at times you may be lending energy into certain belief systems to be addressing to other belief systems that may be more difficult for you to be moving through and to be accepting, and as you offer yourselves the opportunity to be accepting more and more of any given belief system, you also lend energy to yourselves and to all others en masse [in] an easement into the acceptance of all other belief systems.

Therefore, my expression to Sena [Melinda] is to examine all of the aspects of the belief system of relationship, recognizing that regardless of the expression of any relationship, be it that of child and parent or that of friendships or that of romantic entanglements or any other type of relationship and all expressions of orientations within any type of relationship, they all cross over each other and they all have affectingness within every type of relationship. Therefore, she may address to all of these aspects, and this shall provide her with more information as to the action of how to be moving into a more efficient area of acceptance in this situation.

Elias’ comments on the benefit of relationships:

Session #173:

ELIAS: Within your physical focus, it does not always physically appear that you are all benefiting. It does not always appear that you are all receiving, but I do not use the word of benefit within a positive connotation. It is an ‘adding to’ experience. You view the word of benefit to be an element that is good. You are benefiting from this relationship. Therefore, you are receiving a good element from this relationship. You are always benefiting. You may not recognize the benefit, but you are always gaining. You gain information from all of your experiences.

You also may choose, within any given focus, to be experiencing what you think of as difficulty. You do not always manifest within physical focus to be carefree and joyous! At times you choose conflict, for this is another physical experience. Therefore, you may also choose individuals that shall perpetuate this experience with you within your physical manifestation. You may choose to engage this action temporarily. You may choose to engage this action throughout the entirety of your focus.

Elias speaks about the most intimate and continuous relationship we hold within physical focus:

Session #302:

ELIAS: This day we shall move into the direction of the examination of relationship of self.

Your relationship with yourself is the most intimate and continuous relationship that you shall hold within physical focus. It also is your most affecting relationship within physical focus, for it is influencing of all of your other relationships.

Every individual that you encounter within physical focus you hold a relationship with, and each individual that you encounter within physical focus is influenced by the relationship that you hold with yourself.

How you view yourselves is how you shall project your energy and your acceptance or your lack of acceptance to every other individual that you shall engage with during your focus within this particular physical manifestation.

Therefore, it holds significance and importance that you focus upon self and the acceptance of self, and recognize that this is all-encompassing within physical focus as to the affectingness in all of your interactions.

Session #800:

ELIAS: But I may express to you, the manner in which you create your physical reality in this physical dimension IS all you. You do not directly interact with any other individual as an expression of another essence.

You do not directly interact with any other manifestation outside of yourself although you hold your attention outside of yourself quite frequently, quite consistently; for your beliefs express that you are interacting with creations that are outside of yourself and that are not an element of you.


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