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Exercise in Clarity

See Exercise in clarity

Mirror Exercise

Session #51:

ELIAS: I will give you an exercise, as we are incorporating a desire to be 'fading' or 'blinking out,' and wishing to be viewing other aspects of your focus. You may place yourselves before a mirror. You may do this with your lighting slightly dimmed, as to not glare or distract your concentration; and while you are viewing your image within the mirror, be concentrating on your essence, and watch your features change.

Session #85:

ELIAS: You may, in indirect lighting, not very bright, view within your mirror. As you are gazing at yourself and allowing your consciousness to drift, you will view shifting, within shape, of the form before you. You may view another developmental focus. You may view another dimension. You will view another aspect of your essence. This allows you to connect with another portion, so to speak, of your essence, and also allows you personal validation of things beyond your present perception. Therefore, the more that you practice exercises in altering your perception within consciousness, the more you also validate your own self; this allowing you to, little by little, widen your perception.

Energy Field Exercise

Session #302:

ELIAS: … let me also offer you all this day a visualization that you may practice. I have offered this once only, but it may serve you each in your practicing of acceptance of self and also of acceptance of other individuals. Let us enter into an exercise presently that you may also practice subsequently.

Each of you now hold an awareness of yourselves. Allow yourselves to relax your energy fields. Your energy field is that energy which surrounds your physical form. Attempt to be not holding in of this energy field around you. To the best of your abilities presently, within each of your individual states in this present now, I instruct you each to attempt to be noticing and viewing your own energy field that surrounds your physical body. Allow yourselves to be connecting with your own energy fields. See your energy field around you. Allow yourself your own visual of your energy that you expel around your physical form in this very relaxed atmosphere.

(Long pause, and then shouting) YOU ARE ALL INADEQUATE! Now look to your energy fields and view how they have contracted, and view what you experience within you, and view your own uncomfortableness. And why are you uncomfortable? For an energy has been projected to you and has penetrated. It has moved through your energy field. It has been allowed to penetrate your energy field.

Now; in this example, let me express to you: you hold an actual energy field around your physical form. This is a reality. It is real energy. It is tangible. It also functions. In this, let me express to you three words: allowance, penetration, and buffer. Be remembering of these words.

(Softly) I express to you lovingness. Although you have experienced uncomfortableness temporarily, this serves as an example to you as to how YOU ALLOW other individuals to penetrate energy into your energy field, and this automatically triggers your own belief systems as to protection of yourselves and that another may be hurtful to you, and this triggers other belief systems, that you do not hold the ability to be manipulating energy as efficiently as you deem necessary. This is also a perpetuation of your own issues in duplicity.

Let me express to you that any other individual, any essence, any thing may project any energy to you, and in your acceptance you create an allowance, a recognition that this is an energy ball that another individual expresses to you, and it shall move forcefully toward you, but that you hold an energy field around you which is quite powerful. And, this energy field holds the ability to transform any energy which is projected to you. Therefore, as you visualize this ball of energy projecting toward you and it propels forcefully and quickly to you, it also transforms into a bubble as it strikes your energy fields, and this bubble shall pop and dissipate. Therefore, another individual’s expression has not penetrated your energy field, for you have allowed your energy field to be a buffer.

No Conflict Exercise

Session #370:

ELIAS: Therefore, within the now, within the moment that you are experiencing conflict, you may also offer yourself another choice which shall eliminate your conflict.

In this, I am aware of the simplicity of this statement, but I shall also express to you that this action is as simple as it is expressed.

This is an easily accomplished exercise, but it is also a very affecting exercise, for it offers you the opportunity to practice your own acceptance of self, and in this practicing, it becomes more and more automatic to you.

In this, you begin to recognize more easily each time you are experiencing conflict, and as you recognize your own conflict, you also offer yourself the opportunity to move outside of your conflict. But if you are not recognizing your conflict, which many times you are not, you shall not offer yourself the opportunity to move outside of this conflict.

Therefore, I express to you to be noticing each time within the moment that you are creating of any type of conflict, and as you notice this conflict, offer yourself the inquiry as to what shall create no conflict in that particular situation, and as you identify what shall present no conflict to you, engage that action.

This may be much more efficient for you to be expressing presently than more complicated actions, for within your movement of complicating many of your thought processes, you also confuse yourself, and this many times is blocking of your own movement also.

Exercise of Building Blocks (Belief Systems)

Session #96:

ELIAS: Engage with me a visualization. If this may be facilitated, within your perception more easily, to be closing your eyes, you may engage this action if you are wishing. View a building block. View many building blocks. We shall transform, in this visualization, your blocks into bricks; your bricks being placed one atop another; each brick serving to be creating of a structure; not a wall! You shall be creating a building with very many rooms, with much space; a true work of art, architecturally. Each brick that has been used to compose this structure … not wall … has been purposefully and artfully placed to create a structure that you have chosen creatively. View the beauty of your structure. (Pause) Now; with this visualization that you have offered yourself, hold this image. (Pause) Now you may disengage.

Be understanding that as you create anything physically, you are not creating a wall! You are purposefully creating a very artful creation. In this, as you have chosen to be dismantling your structure, you are, piece by piece, brick by brick, block by block, dismembering a creation.

You are not ‘destroying’ or ‘blasting through’ a wall! There is no obstruction! There is no barrier! There is a purposeful structure which has been created. In this, each brick is a manifestation of thought. Combined, they create the entirety of the actual physical expression. Therefore, be understanding that as you are choosing to be creating of a new reality, and dismembering the previous creation, each block holds significance to you. You have purposefully placed this within your structure. It holds no negative. It is a creative expression.

Therefore, although your desire may be to be recreating and restructuring, you may find sentimental attachments to some of your blocks. You may dwell with some of your blocks temporarily, viewing their beauty within their expression of their creation. You may hold to them, and you may express to yourself, ‘What brilliant color you hold! How magnificently I have created you!’ Within your understanding, subjectively, of recreating a new expression, you allow the dismantling of all of the structure; but be aware, some of its elements you may hold to more tightly.

Exercise of "steer your ship"

Session #1132:

ELIAS: And this is what you continue to create, for this is what you believe. In this, you are concerning yourself with the other individual, NOT paying attention to you and not paying attention to your natural flow of energy, and doubting yourself, concerning yourself with how you shall be perceived by other individuals. You shall be perceived by other individuals in the manner in which you project, and if you are trusting of yourself, you shall be received in this manner. If you are doubting of yourself, you shall also create the perception of other individuals precisely as you have, in impatience or annoyance.

Now; in this, experiment. As you present yourself with your next scenario of this type, allow yourself to pay attention, notice. In the moment in which you notice that you are beginning to generate this type of reflection of impatience or annoyance or any of these negative associations as you term them to be – which you do notice quite immediately – once noticing, literally eliminate the other individuals from your perception. Pretend the other individuals do not exist. Therefore, you now are occupying the room alone and you may express whatever you choose in whatever manner you choose to express it – in tremendous passion, in enthusiasm, in a tremendous projection of energy – and it matters not, for there are no other individuals present to express judgment. Experiment!


Therefore in moving AROUND the fear, recognizing that it is being expressed but allowing yourself to move around it in pretending that the other individuals do not exist temporarily, you may offer yourself a new freedom to express yourself, and this offers you a practice to be acknowledging of yourself, to be expressing freely, to not be creating limitations or obstacles, and to steer your own ship and not allow the other individuals to steer your ship.

Exercise of Connecting Self in Dreamstate

Session #11:

You, through your lifetime, in your terms, have disconnected far. Your sleep state is your reconnection state. In not discounting your waking physical experience, I would instruct you, though, that it is of much importance in the focus of this shift that you connect yourselves in your sleep state more attentively. This will offer you much understanding and glimpses of what I speak to you of. You will find it will be much easier for you to understand concepts that I offer you if you are noticing the action and interaction in your sleep state. If you are experiencing difficulty in connecting in this area, you may practice in your waking state.

In practicing in [your] waking state, you can artificially produce similar experiences in games. You may, if you focus,…excuse…I am receiving a suggestion…in contrary to only explaining, and in acceptance of suggestion, I will invite you to experience a very small game now.

You may focus in your thoughts of one experience. Choose something, as a trip to the beach, or a Fourth of July, or a Christmas experience. Focus on the individual experience of your choice. In doing this, do not focus too intently. Allow your mind to drift. As it drifts, you will notice other pictures, or impressions, or feelings related to this event that was your original focus. These other thoughts may take on thoughts of their own that are completely unrelated to the original thought. You will notice an expansion of thoughts. As these thoughts expand, they will appear to you to be as symbols. You may interpret them in the same way that you interpret your dreams.

You may practice small exercise games as this often. This will show you, in waking physical terms, how your mind expands automatically, given its own space.

In this, in allowing yourself a new freedom in not holding your thoughts so carefully, you may find it easier to move through your sleep state. What creates ease in any situation is a familiarity. When something is not familiar, you are not at ease with it. Therefore, you do not allow its natural flow. This is true with all things, everything we have already spoken of, and all things we will speak of in future times, in your terms.


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