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Dream Walkers

The term dream walkers refers to essences which initiated and designed this physical dimension (the world as we know it). However, they did not actually participate in it, i.e. they did not create actual permanent physical bodies for themselves.

Session #72:

ELIAS: These Dream Walkers were the initiators of the physical world that you basically understand presently. They phased in and out of physical manifestation, experimenting with all of your elements of physical life. In this, not being completely physically manifest, they did not incorporate age, as you know it. Therefore, their existence was overlapping. Some of these Seers chose to become physically manifest completely. Others did not; this being your correlation to our book of those individuals such as Sumpter, which would be the beings partially physically manifest, but also incorporating a greater understanding of consciousness and the dream state; others being totally physically manifest, which would parallel Ma-ah. The individuals who chose to be physically manifest completely divorced themselves from memory, this allowing for a pure experience of physical manifestation; but others, connected as Seers, were helpful to be guiding of these individuals in their beginning stages.

Session #280:

ELIAS: Now; let us move back to what I term to be ‘before the beginning.’ ‘Before the beginning’ of what you know of your species presently, in the creation of this particular physical dimension were those essences representative of each of the nine essence families, which we term to be Dream Walkers. These were essences not entirely physically focused. They inserted themselves into this dimension to be creating of this particular dimension, but were not choosing to be entirely physically focused. Therefore, your physical view of these individuals would be more of a translucent form. Some essences chose to be entirely physically manifesting. This was the beginning of your creation of this particular dimension.

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Session #9999:

ELIAS: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog …

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