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Elias Session #270: "An Introduction and an Overview"

Session #270:
"An Introduction and an Overview"

Thursday, March 19, 1998
Participants: Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), and six new participants: Nathan (Robertt), Diane (Juan), Richard (Zephel), Laura (Lynya), Robert (Pierre), and Erik (Mosten).
Vic's note: This is the first group session held in Vermont. I think the audience consists mostly of young people.
Elias arrives at 6:53 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling)

GROUP: (Hesitantly) Good evening.

ELIAS: Greetings to all our young Sumafis present! This evening I shall present myself in introduction to you all, and I shall introduce yourselves to you also.

I am Elias. I am an energy personality essence. I occupy an area of consciousness which shall be known to you henceforth as Regional Area 4. In this realm, I occupy a position of teaching. I am in conjunction with many other essences which are also in the capacity of teaching. I speak to you in response to you all in your questioning of this shift in consciousness, which is occurring upon your planet within this time framework in this present now, in which you are all involved.

I shall offer to you also that I am belonging to the family of consciousness known as the Sumafi, to which all of you present within this forum within this present now also are belonging to. Within physical focus, you also align with another family of consciousness. There are nine families of consciousness which are connected with this particular physical dimension, which in conjunction with yourselves are creating of this particular reality and orchestrate the manifestation of this particular dimension. These families of consciousness are relative to this dimension. They are not orchestrating of other physical dimensions and are not particularly relative to all of consciousness, although they are participants in all of consciousness, as consciousness may not be separated in any manner. (Pause, smiling at the group)

You hold wonderings. You look to your present now and you hold questionings of validity of purpose, of missions, (grinning) of action. Within this present now, you are experiencing what I have termed to be a shift in consciousness. You are moving out of your religious era and moving into a new reality which you are creating.

There are many aspects of this shift in consciousness and many actions which are associated with this shift. One of the basic elements of this shift in consciousness is to be accepting of your belief systems and rendering them neutralized – NOT eliminating these belief systems but rendering them neutralized – which shall enable you to expand within your objective awareness, and this shall expand your abilities in creativity futurely. The action of this shift holds many dynamics that you are already beginning to experience within your objective awareness. I shall clarify.

Your objective awareness is that which occupies your attention within your waking state. Your subjective awareness is that awareness which is a part of you, which moves in harmony to your objective awareness and includes your dream state and all other states of consciousness associated with this reality; not your waking state. These two states of consciousness I shall refer to many times. They also, as I have stated, are elements of you. They are inseparable. They are also not at odds with each other. You are not manipulated by some element which you term to be "unconscious." There is no unconscious. This suggests non-conscious, and there is no non-conscious. There is merely the area of your individual oubliettes, your places of forgetting, which is your objective awareness. Your subjective awareness is that which holds the remembrance, which you are moving into the position of merging into your objective awareness. This also is an element of this shift in consciousness.

Aspects of this shift in consciousness in overview:

This shift in consciousness is now, but in objective terminology shall be completed or entirely accomplished within the third quarter of your coming century. You have already moved beyond your midpoint within the action of this shift in consciousness, which was initiated in your physical time framework at the beginning of this particular century. Nearing the midpoint of your coming century, many elements shall be occurring that shall be definitive in turning your reality into an entirely new type of reality. That which you view as reality presently shall no longer exist.

As to your physical forms, they shall continue as they are. As to your belief systems, you shall continue to hold belief systems, for these are a part of the design of this reality. As to the affectingness of these belief systems, they shall be rendered neutral. As to your physical societies, they shall be different. They shall be altered. Your approach to reality within this shift shall be altered dramatically, for your awareness shall be increased to the point of the inclusion of the remembrance of essence, which shall allow you greater freedom and mobility within this physical dimension.

This shift in consciousness is limited to this particular dimension. It is not a shift in consciousness which encompasses other dimensions or other physical dimensions, but you shall hold the ability, as you hold presently if you are choosing to be engaging of this ability, to access other realities at will. Their awareness of your interaction shall not be objective to them, but you shall hold an objective awareness of your interaction. Example: You wish to engage another physical reality; extraterrestrials. You wish to view another physical reality which is manifest. You may, by merely stepping sideways, engage this action. It shall be as effortless as moving from one room to another. You wish to engage an individual that has disengaged physical focus. You shall hold the ability to be in active communication and interaction with another focus .. in non-physical communication. Your abilities for mobility through consciousness shall exceed any known element that you hold presently.

And how shall you accomplish this action of this shift? It has already begun. You are already participants. I have greeted you in expressing welcome to the young Sumafis, and I have expressed to you that in addition to introduction of myself, I shall introduce you to yourselves.

You presently are embarking upon a new quest within consciousness. You stand now upon the eve before the dawn of the realization of your creativity. Let me offer to you that within your mythology, you express the story of Saint George slaying the dragon to create safe passage and ease for the masses, eliminating the threat of harmfulness. Within imagery, this is the symbol that you may present to yourselves in your action in compliance with this shift in consciousness. You are those which embark upon this quest to be ushering in this shift with the least amount of trauma. Much energy has been lent throughout your millennium to the prophecies and the predictions of trauma and of destruction, which you approach now your time framework marker, the dawn of these predictions. They are probabilities, but they are not actualized within this particular reality yet. Therefore, you hold the ability to actualize different probabilities.

The awareness within your planet is growing. You stand upon the threshold of the dawn which shall insert different probabilities into your officially accepted reality, not those probabilities which have been prophesied. These probabilities are the remnants of the religious era, which has been in acting capacity for much of your time framework; a millennium. You have come to the point that this particular creation in consciousness in this reality no longer serves you. Therefore, it is also confining of your creativity, and you have chosen to be eliminating of this and moving into a new action of creativity. In this movement, you hold a recognition of the unnecessary-ness (grinning) of trauma and destruction within the creation of a new era.

You have already felt your birth pains within this century. It is unnecessary to be creating of negativity, in your terms. In this, I offer information of belief systems that shall allow you the awareness to recognize the hold of these belief systems and the effects that they are influencing upon you all. In the recognition of these belief systems, you may also attend to these belief systems.

Within physical focus, your attention is directed very precisely. You are a lens. Visualize a camera with hundreds of lenses. This camera shall be essence. You are a lens of this camera. All of these lenses are occurring simultaneously, and are also all influencing and lending energy to you within the action of the accomplishment of this shift presently. You are also influencing of all of these other lenses, or focuses.

I define what you term to be a lifetime as a focus, for lifetime is encompassing. In this, your lifetime is the sum of all of your focuses within this particular physical dimension. Each segment is a focus. They do not occur linearly. You do not move into birth, move through a focus, die, and remanifest into another focus. This is your perception of your linear time framework, but it is relative only to physical focus. It is how you have designed this particular reality. It is not reality in other areas of consciousness or other physical dimensions beyond this particular dimension. It is a perception, although the element of time holds its own integrity. Therefore, I shall not express to you that time itself is not an entity, for it is in a manner of speaking, but it does not appear in the same manner that you view it within this particular dimension. Therefore, when you view other focuses of yourself, they are occurring presently. They are not past; they are not future. We may be referring to other focuses for your understanding as future or past, merely for the reason that this is how your thought processes operate within physical focus, but be remembering that all of your focuses are simultaneous.

You may access ANY of these focuses at will. You hold the ability. This also is an element of the action of this shift. More easily and more effortlessly presently may individuals access ANY of their focuses, merely through the desire and concentration upon another focus. You may access this through meditation. You may access this through what you term to be altered states of consciousness. You may engage your action of hypnosis and this shall allow you to facilitate the action. These are all merely different actions that allow you a relaxing of your attention, which is extremely focused in this particular physical focus. This is not a negative! Although you hold the desire to be accessing many different experiences, you have purposefully created this reality that each developmental focus, which is in your terms a lifetime, focuses its attention so singularly that it affords you the purity of experience.

The reason you are manifest within this dimension – your purpose, your mission, your reason – is to experience. You are NOT manifest within this dimension in a school. You are NOT manifest in this dimension to be accomplishing of great deeds, although you may be choosing to be experiencing this. You ARE manifest within this dimension, and ANY physical dimension, merely to experience the purity and qualities of physical action.

Within this particular dimension, you have created this reality based upon the exploration of two basic elements of physical focus; sexuality and emotion. You experience both of these elements intensely. All of your creations within this particular dimension reflect these basic elements. You may even look to a rock, and this stone shall invoke within you a feeling of male or female and an emotion if you are so tuning into it, for ALL of your reality reflects these elements in this particular dimension.

In this also, I shall offer to you a comment which shall not be entirely well-received by some individuals, but it is your creation of your reality. Therefore, it is reality in this particular dimension. You manifest with the agreement of manifestation at the very least three times, three focuses within this particular dimension. This is the agreement that you adhere to in choosing to manifest within this particular experience. You manifest once female, once male, once in what I express to be "other," which shall be interpreted as what you view to be homosexual. All three of these experiences are the agreement that you engage in engaging this reality, for the experience of the sexual aspect of this particular dimension. This is not to say that you must be creating of a focus which holds an extended time framework. You may be experiencing female for one year [or] five minutes and you may disengage, or you may be experiencing male for one hundred of your years. You may be experiencing homosexual five hundred focuses, male one, female three. Any combination is acceptable. The only stipulation within this dimension is that you experience three different orientations, for this is the design of this particular physical focus.

They are different. Male is not female; female is not male; homosexual is completely a different orientation. Physically you may appear the same or similar, but the orientation within consciousness is completely different, just as the male orientation is one and the female orientation is another and they are not the same. Although within your present era you view yourselves to be closer and you wish yourselves to be the same and you attempt to place yourselves in the same roles, you are intrinsically different. If this were not so, you would not be creating of differences in sexuality. You would be creating no sex. There are physical dimensions in existence presently which hold no sexual orientation. Yours is not one.

In this, I express to you to be exploring the fullness of your orientation and of your creation, the wonderment of what you have chosen to manifest within, as opposed to the denial of the orientation that you choose and the movement into false mergence of the other orientation. Do not confuse yourselves in expressing that you are all the same. You are NOT all the same. Within consciousness, the elements of consciousness are the same, but they are not; for each element of consciousness holds its own uniqueness. Even within essence you hold your own tone, which is unique to you and not the same as other essences. The qualities may be the same, but the tone is different. You each hold your own individual tone in essence, which is the whole of you, the sum of all of your focuses, not merely within this particular physical dimension but all other dimensions and all areas of consciousness.

As to your action within this shift in consciousness, you draw yourselves to this forum to acquire information. In this I shall be offering of information as we continue, and I shall be allowing of your questioning. Your intent within this focus includes an aspect of lending energy to the action of this shift and the accomplishment of the insertion of probabilities into this particular reality outside of the probabilities of trauma. Therefore, your lending action is to be offering energy to be lessening the trauma in the action of this shift. Many individuals shall be experiencing trauma in relation to this shift in consciousness. They shall experience much less trauma as they are holding information to be explaining to them what they are experiencing. There be your mission … although you hold no mission! (Smiling)

If so choosing, upon return from our break I shall offer essence names to you each if you are desiring, and then you may be asking your questions. We shall break.

RESUME 7:44 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. You may make your inquiries if you are so choosing.

NATHAN: I'll start. Elias, I'd like to discuss some more on the essence families and how we may all relate as far as this Sumafi family. Could you go into that a little further? And maybe – this is a different question – but maybe the aspect of birth visions, as in the essence families who take on similar visions and come into the physical realm, as you said, with similar intentions or similar views?

ELIAS: Let me present an overview of your physical reality within this dimension.

At its inception, nine essence families organized, so to speak, to be creating of this particular dimensional reality. These essence families are comprised of many essences of like intent within each family. These essences initially were known as Dream Walkers; partially physically focused, but not entirely. Now, also in relation to these Dream Walkers, they are interactive with you continually, and presently also. They have not chosen to be entirely physically manifest throughout the entirety of the existence of this particular dimension. Therefore, they may be interactive with you and even appear to you, in relation to the essence family that you are belonging to. In clarification of this, I may also suggest to you that I have offered much information previously in relation to this subject matter, but briefly I shall offer you a slight explanation.

Each essence family holds a different intent, which are all complementary to each other. In this, the Dream Walkers interact in conjunction to the essence families in respective manners. You are belonging the essence family of Sumafi, as are these other individuals present within this forum. Therefore, you draw yourself to the action of the engagement of this energy exchange. The essence family of Sumafi chooses interaction with physical focus in this particular manner of energy exchange, for it affords the least amount of distortion. At times, other essence families may engage this particular type of energy exchange, but it is not their usual, in your terms, expression of communication.

In example, the Milumet family; these are the holders of the remembrance; the spiritualists. The engagement of the Dream Walkers with individuals physically focused belonging to the Milumet family shall be in the vein of dream interaction and visions. They shall interact with elements of your reality and communicate with these elements in a manner that you shall not. They may engage a tree or a creature and communicate with this tree or creature, and receive information in the same manner that you receive information from this essence. Each family holds a different interaction within communication to those belonging to the respective families in physical focus.

As I have stated, you also in entering physical focus align with another essence family. Within essence, you belong to one essence family. Within manifestation of physical focus, you choose to be aligning within that particular focus with any of the other essence families. Example: Michael is belonging to the essence family of Sumafi. Within this particular focus, he is aligned with Sumari; the creators, the artists, the pot-stirrers. Therefore, the objective expression within the particular focus is more obviously viewed as that of the Sumari. The underlying intent is that of the Sumafi. In this you may view qualities of both, but the more objective qualities which are evidenced are those which manifest in the alignment.

As to your question of entering focus, you enter a physical focus with a pool of probabilities. These probabilities are those potentialities that define your intent. But make no mistake – your probabilities do not lie before you. They are created within the moment. Therefore, there is merely the potentiality for the probabilities, not the actuality of the probabilities upon entering the focus. In like manner – very figuratively – to yourself holding a thought, you may hold the thought, but the thought is not automatically actualized. You have not implemented the thought, although you hold the potential to implement the thought and be creating an actuality of this thought, but until it is actualized it is a potentiality. In this same manner, you enter a physical focus with a pool of probabilities which are potentialities and not actualities. In this manner, you hold the freedom of choice to be altering of any probabilities within every moment.

You also are not restricted to your individual pool of probabilities in entering a physical focus. You hold the ability to extend outside of your individual pool of probabilities and pull probabilities into your pool, which shall be altering entirely of your focus. This action is not common, but it may be accomplished. Not many individuals within physical focus choose to be pulling outside of their individual pools of probabilities, but it does occur, in which case you shall view within those individuals manifestations, what you may term to be drastic alterations of their particular focus. It shall move in entirely different directions than its original direction.

In regard to the interaction of essence family Dream Walkers with you in physical focus, the answer to your question is yes, they do interact. I am interacting with you. Individuals within the Vold family audibly hear communication from other essences, which allows them information. Individuals within the Ilda family view and interact with aspects of essence which are related to other realities. This be their communication. They image these interactions within the influence of their belief systems, but their interaction is no less reality. Individuals belonging to the Ilda family may be experiencing interaction with extraterrestrials. Within the confines of their belief systems they image these interactions as being "little gray squashy guys," although they are not, but this be your explanation to yourselves and the image that you create to offer an objective communication. In actuality, they are not little gray squashy guys! (Humorously, and finally, a whispered chuckle out of the audience) They are an entity entirely foreign to your recognition, but in entering into your physical dimension and interacting with you, you image this particular form, among other forms also. This is your creation of a form that is recognizable and acceptable to you, that you may understand. You interact with elements of essence that are outside of this reality quite often. You merely do not recognize your interaction.

Express to me any experiences that you hold that your vision becomes distorted, that your hearing becomes distorted; ear ringing! Individuals describe an action of lightening bolts or twinkling lights within their vision that block their physical vision temporarily. This is an action of yourselves viewing through your own physical vision or hearing through your own physical auditory systems elements of essence which are not of this dimension. In movement into another dimension, this is the officially accepted reality and the communication or the visual – how they see through your eyes – and you offer this experience to yourselves in conjunction with the action of this shift, as you are opening your consciousness presently and allowing more aspects of essence to bleed through into your objective awareness, for all of these aspects ARE aspects of your essence. In meeting what you view to be an extraterrestrial, you are meeting yourself, which is focused within another physical dimension. It is not foreign from you. It is an element of you.

NATHAN: That brings me to my next question. Brattleboro seems to be some kind of focal point, as far as maybe some sort of vortex of energies….

ELIAS: Ah, vortexes! (Grinning)

NATHAN: We all have similar backgrounds or things that we've done in the past, and here we are now together, and we have these talks. We question, why are we here now in this present point? Basically my question is, is Brattleboro some kind of drawing ground? Is it a point where people come for learning or come to meet people of the same consciousness?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Let me express to you that in actuality, there are energy deposits upon your planet which YOU HAVE CREATED. They are NOT intrinsic to the actual physical location. They are deposits of energy, which the individual focuses have placed energy into these areas. You have reversed the explanation. You express that the place draws you with its energy. No. YOU draw to a place in communication in consciousness, in interaction in consciousness, drawing yourself to like spirit, so to speak, and subsequently YOU deposit energy in this particular physical location which shall be recognizable to other individuals of like kind. In this, YOU are the instrument that is creating of the situation and the draw of energy, and as you each draw together in like intent, which you have in agreement of probabilities, you each add elements of your energy to the physical location. It is a marker, and this is recognizable to other individuals as they draw to the same physical location, and the more individuals that draw to the physical location, the more energy that is deposited, which creates your idea or your belief system of your vortex. It is YOUR energy, not your planet's energy. (Pause)

ROBERT: I'd like to talk more about neutralizing belief systems, consciously working on that.

ELIAS: Ah! This be a difficult area, I shall be warning you!

Initially, you need be identifying the belief systems. ALL that you move through in physical focus is influenced by a belief system. Every action that you engage is influenced by a belief system. Every thought is influenced by a belief system. This is how you have created your reality. You walk a certain way, in relation to your belief systems. You sleep in a certain manner, in relation to your belief systems. You function at certain time periods throughout your day. You dress in certain fashions. You speak in certain fashions. You consume in certain fashions. You consume certain elements. I shall express to you that you may be consuming of rocks and your physical form shall function, but you hold belief systems that you must be nourishing your physical form with certain materials. Your belief systems influence EVERY ACTION that you engage within physical focus.

In accepting a belief system, you must first identify the belief system. In identifying the belief system, then you enter into … (pause, grinning) the fun element, (laughter) which is identifying all of the other belief systems which are attached to the initial belief system and all of the affectingness of each of these elements. As you identify to yourself the affectingness of all of the elements and aspects of each belief system, and as you are accepting of yourself, which is key to this process, and trusting of yourself and moving outside of duplicity, you may begin to be accepting of the belief system.

I have offered an example of the acceptance of a belief system in a very elementary form. You all hold a belief system that you must be adorning yourselves with apparel. You do not move throughout your physical focus merely within your encasement of your skin. This is a belief system. In accepting a belief system, you continue to hold an opinion, a choice, of whether you choose to be complying with the belief system or not, but the belief system is not affecting you.

(Firmly) The acceptance of a belief system is the entire lack of judgment connected with the particular belief system in any area.

Therefore, you hold the belief system that you are [must be] wearing clothing. The individuals within this forum choose not to hold this belief system. Therefore, they shall not be wearing clothing and this shall be acceptable to you, and it shall be not affecting and it shall matter not if they are choosing to be wearing clothing or not wearing clothing, and you shall hold no value judgment upon their choice. It shall not be affecting.
Now; this be a very simplified example. When you are moving into areas of strongly held belief systems, you may find much more difficulty in the acceptance of the belief system.

I may offer you another belief system which shall not be so readily accepted. You hold the belief system that it is wrong to strike a small one. You view another individual strike violently a small one. In the acceptance of the belief system you may choose to engage or not engage this activity, but in the acceptance of this belief system, recognizing that your response is influenced by a belief system, you hold no affect in viewing another individual's choice to engage this action, and you also hold no value judgment in respect to the other individual.

This may appear harsh initially to you, for your belief systems are so very strongly-held, but in recognizing that the element of right and wrong, good and bad, are the expression of the belief system of duplicity, which is a belief system, all that stems in action from this belief system is an expression of the belief system, and as you hold value judgment of any belief system, you lend energy to the perpetuation of the very belief system. The neutralization of a belief system is the acceptance of a belief system, which no longer lends energy to the perpetuation of that belief system.

In this, within the action of this shift you may express to me, "But Elias! We shall experience lawlessness within the action of this shift, for individuals shall run amuck, realizing there is no right and wrong and no guidelines!" Incorrect. It is unnecessary to be experiencing these elements if there is no value judgment placed upon them. The desire is diminished. Therefore, the exploration of unacceptable territory is neutralized.

You implement your limitations and your restrictiveness upon yourselves – and the implementation of your laws and rules – in mirror action to your judgment and your lack of acceptance, and this is the perpetuation of the belief systems that you hold. This has been your reality throughout your existence to this present moment. This be the area that I express to you [that] your reality shall be entirely altered within the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, for this shall no longer be your reality. You shall experience tremendous freedom for creativity, as opposed to limitation and restriction. (Smiling at Robert)

RICHARD: Elias, I have a deep interest in the Mayan calendar, and I was wondering what you could tell me about the number thirteen and the ratio of that. I had strong connections with it and went away from it for a while, thinking it was too isolated of a belief system and not founded in today's reality, but I've been finding a lot of coincidences everywhere. I'd like just your thoughts on that, and especially the number thirteen.

ELIAS: Many individuals are drawn presently, also within regard to this shift in consciousness, to many different aspects of elements of remembrances. There have been many cultures throughout your ages which have held slightly more of an objective awareness of realities within consciousness, and have expressed these within their cultures. In this present now, many individuals find themselves drawn to these particular cultures. Presently, many individuals draw themselves to the time framework of the pharaohs, for this also holds a culture which held many aspects of consciousness which you view to be lost presently. They are not lost. They are merely not remembered. In this you are opening to your remembrances. This, as I have expressed this evening, is another element of this shift in consciousness.

In holding focuses simultaneously within these particular cultures, these bleed through to individuals and create a remembrance. The draw that you hold, the coincidences that you recognize … which are not coincidences because there are no coincidences. (1) There are also no accidents. Everything within your creation is immaculately and perfectly created within probabilities. In this you allow for a bleed-through of recognition, of information. You hold a focus within this culture. In your terms you hold a past life, which is not past and is not a lifetime. It is a focus and it is occurring presently, simultaneously. It is merely moved into a parallel area of consciousness, a parallel reality to this reality, for they are all occurring simultaneously. They are sideways from you. In this, the actions and the information and the knowledge of this focus bleeds through into this particular focus, and you experience a draw.

You also may misinterpret, as many individuals misinterpret, with dates in the area of prediction. Throughout your ages many cultures, many individuals, have created predictions, tapping into probabilities and the possibility of insertion into this reality of these probabilities, but they are probabilities. They are not absolute. In this, in connecting with another focus of your own essence which is participant in this culture and holds the belief systems of the predictions and holds the belief systems of the culture, this bleeds through to your awareness within this particular focus and is influencing of how you view your reality. This be the distinction that I offer to you, in expressing to you that you access other focuses continually. You merely are not recognizing what you are accessing. This be the area that is creating of misinterpretation and of distortion of information, and this be what lends energy to the actualization of probabilities that SHALL create trauma. This also be the reason that I speak to you, to offer you information in avoiding this; for as you gain information, this offers you the ability to recognize within your focus elements of yourself and reality, and distinguish what is within this particular focus and what is within another focus which is influencing of you. This be the reason you are influenced. (Pause, smiling)
You SHALL understand. You shall be offered this information again, and you shall assimilate. It is being assimilated subjectively. Objectively, as I speak to you, it is difficult for you all to assimilate entirely all of which I offer to you. Within your desires, you wish to know much. Within your objective capacity to internalize that which I offer to you, you are limited initially, but this shall also expand. I have offered you more information presently within this session this evening than you shall be assimilating objectively, but this is acceptable, for I shall be repeating of this information and you shall be assimilating of it. (To Richard) Know only that you hold another focus within this culture of the Mayans, and this is the focus that is influencing of you presently in this present now focus and influencing you, and therefore you are noticing many elements which are bleeding through that you term to be coincidence. It IS reality. (Pause)

FORREST: One brief technical question. You referred earlier to the purpose in this domain as being experience. Recognizing that within this physical domain the concepts of limitation and freedom are conjugate, would we not also be able to say that one of the other reasons for being here is creativity?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes.

DIANE: Can you briefly speak to the ideology of disease? Medical, but in particular, psychiatric?

ELIAS: Ah! Briefly? Briefly, they are influenced by belief systems, once again. Briefly, they are choices of the individual focuses. Within the direction of what you term to be mental illnesses or psychological affectingness, these individuals have chosen to move outside of the officially accepted reality within their creation of their experiences. There is nothing "wrong" with these individuals. They choose to be engaging more subjective activity within their objective awareness, but as you do not understand what they are creating, you create belief systems around the behaviors and THEY assume the belief systems in relation to themselves, and this sets up a situation of conflict within the individual and confusion, and therefore creates another dynamic altogether. This particular subject shall be requiring of much more time, and I may be expressing to you of the subject matter of physical and mental illnesses if you are so choosing, but this would be requiring of much of an entire session. It is much more involved and intricate than it appears. There are many reasons and choices that are involved in these situations, but the conflict stems from the belief systems which are enforced and are enacted on the basis of behavior which is displayed outside of the officially accepted reality. They do not fit within the guidelines of your acceptable reality. We SHALL continue this discussion.

DIANE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall offer, in parting to you each, your essence name.

FORREST: I forgot the notebook! (Laughing) Does anybody have a piece of paper and a pencil I can borrow? (Here, the group chats for a minute, and Forrest explains that Mary's essence name is Michael)

ELIAS: Very well.

To Nathan: Robertt; R-O-B-E-R-T-T (pronounced ro-bear')
To Diane: Juan; J-U-A-N (same as Spanish pronunciation)
To Richard: Zephel; Z-E-P-H-E-L (pronounced ze-fel')
To Laura: Lynya; L-Y-N-Y-A (pronounced lin'-ya)
To Robert: Pierre; P-I-E-R-R-E (same as French pronunciation)
To Erik: Mosten; M-O-S-T-E-N (pronounced mos-tan')

These are offered to you as a gift within our introduction this evening and our creating of acquaintance objectively. I shall be anticipating our next meeting with you all and offering you more information, and you may be offering more of your own questioning, for information may be offered to you in the direction of your questioning IF you are questioning! (Smiling)

To you all this evening, I extend to you much affection. I bid you all a very loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:34 PM.


(1) I'm not entirely sure about this, but in my memory, this is the first time Elias has used the word "because."

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