The Shift in Consciousness

With this introduction I am assuming that you are familar with who Elias is and that you probably have read my introduction about Elias.

In order to describe what the shift is I will start with a few quotes from Elias session #160 (March 1997) where he explains what he means by his term of shift.

Consciousness connected with physical focus moves through seasons, just as your planet holds seasons in nature. These seasons within consciousness are slightly different, for they endure for much greater time frameworks. You now enter a new season of consciousness within the creation of your shift.

More flowers shall not bloom upon your planet as your shift is accomplished. No messiah shall be leading you to a promised land. It shall rain upon your planet equally to the rain present. You shall continue to manifest natural occurrences as do you now, but you shall understand what you do.

Within the action of this shift also, in addition to your recognition of your own essence and your own focuses, you shall also eliminate much conflict, for it is unnecessary to be creating conflict if you are not concerned with what is outside of you. If your concern centers within and upon the elements of essence, you shall be manifesting this and you shall not necessarily be manifesting what you now view to be hatefulness.

While the shift may sound like a global process, I would like to point out that shifting is first and foremost an individual process. Individuals are what creates the collective mass, so in a way the shift works bottom up.

It may not sound like it, but it is a hands on practical every day process, which starts with the indivdual, is all about the individual and ends with the individual.

Maybe the easiest way to get an idea of shifting is to requote a part of one of the above in a shorter form:

… for it is unnecessary to be creating conflict if you are not concerned with what is outside of you.

And obviously, although Elias says that the post shift world won't be a promised land and utopia, a world where it is unnecessary for individuals to create conflict may be quite a desireable place to live. And I am not only taking about world scale events like war, but the daily nitty gritty.

Following and implementing the material has been most beneficial for my personal life and has indeed greatly reduced the potential for conflict in many forms. Attention to self as described above is one of the key teachings also plays a major role in interactions on the online forum on this site.

So for a start I want to present the idea, that the shift is about shifting our attention from the outside world and from others to ourselves and what we really are. It is not easy because it is a highly unfamiliar action, but from my own experience I can say that it is very rewarding in many different ways, two of which are a tremendous increase in genuine personal freedom and a dramatically lessened potential for conflict.

All this works through a few core concepts. Two of the big words in all the teaching are acceptance and belief. These may sound like two little inconspicious words, but no matter what the topic is, with Elias eventually it boils down to those two words and they have far reaching implications. If you want true freedom and wider awareness, those words are your tools.

The base element of this shift in consciousness is to be identifying, recognizing, and addressing to the belief systems that you hold and to be accepting of these belief systems – not eliminating, not altering, not changing, but to be accepting of these belief systems, which therefore renders these belief systems neutralized, which shall be creating of this new establishment in consciousness; for if you are not affected by those belief systems that you hold, you allow yourselves the opportunity to open to your awareness and you allow yourselves to view more of your reality. (Session #284)

Should you now feel inclined to explore this material further, please note Strange Times session in the introduction, as it is almost exclusively about the shift.

And of course it shall be much fun to share and exchange ideas and put this all into practice here or on the online forum with those of you out there who are so choosing.

Injoy …